Are you planning to rent a house in Singapore but have not decided which neighborhood to lease your dream home yet? Then it is time for you to explore these neighborhoods in Singapore first. As Singapore is only a red dot on the world map, it would not take you a long time to explore these neighborhoods, ranging from HDB in Woodlands, houses in Tiong Bahru, houses in Toa Payoh, houses in Jurong East, or houses in Holland Village, before you decide on which neighborhood to stay.


Woodlands is commonly known as a neighborhood meant for the people who visit Malaysia a lot. The Old Woodlands Town Centre is going to be demolished, as the Woodland Checkpoint will extend to take in The Old Woodlands Town Centre. This is great news for those people who visit Malaysia regularly as it is located just next to Malaysia.

However, Woodlands is more than just that. For example, there is Woodlands Waterfront Park for you to jog or cycle as it is long enough for you to do your workout and it is connected to Admiralty Park through Northern Explorer Loop. Woodlands Waterfront Park is 1.5 km long and it is 11 hectare huge. The jetty in Woodlands Waterfront Park is 400m long and it is the longest jetty in Singapore. During the weekends, there will be some fishermen waiting patiently at the jetty trying to fish as well. Having a bad day at work? Why not enjoy yourself and take some time off to chill while enjoying the view of the Causeway and the straits of Johor Bahru? If not, you can always take a romantic stroll along the park with your loved one

Do check out the HDB for rent in Woodlands if you are keen in staying in Woodlands.

Tiong Bahru

Tiong Bahru is also known as the hipster neighborhood that everyone knows and loves, as there are many hipster cafes in Tiong Bahru. If you love reading, Tiong Bahru is absolutely the right neighborhood for you as the Indie bookstore, Books Actually is located in Tiong Bahru. If you have a passion for music, you can visit the Curated Records to enjoy yourself. And if you are a food lover, Tiong Bahru Market and Food Centre is for you to enjoy different kinds of local delicacies ranging from the famous Jian Bo Chwee Kueh to Hui Ji Fishball Noodles and Yong Tau Foo to Lor Mee, Teochew Kueh and etcetera. In fact, Tiong Bahru Market and Food Centre has been one of Singapore’s favourite that has been around for decades.

Tiong Bahru is actually more than just a hipster neighborhood and it has more to offer. Do take some time to explore Tiong Bahru to find out what it offers ranging from funky playgrounds to learning more about Singapore own culture and history.

Toa Payoh

Although Toa Payoh looks like just a normal neighborhood like other neighborhoods in Singapore, it is also a food paradise for food lovers. You can easily find AMK Curry Puff, deep friend banana fritters from Toa Payoh Lucky Pisang Raja, fast food from Yellow Submarines and the famous Zhi Xiang Special Lor Mee. In Toa Payoh neighborhood. If you have young children at home, there is also a children playground – Dragon playground for little children to have fun and enjoy themselves in during their free time.thi

Jurong East

Jurong East is viewed as one of the neighborhood competitors to Orchard Road. Jurong East is also known as the neighborhood for the shopaholics. Jurong East Mall (JEM) is one of the famous malls in Jurong East neighborhood. Famous international brands such as H&M, Kinokuniya, MUJI and etcetera can be found in JEM. Other than JEM, there is also Westgate located in Jurong East.

Westgate is famous for having an ice skating rink for ice skating lovers. In addition, shoppers can cure their hungry stomachs by visiting the famous Dim Sum chain, Tim Ho Wan if they are craving for Dim Sum or BAKE Cheese Tart for cheese tart lovers.

Holland Village

Holland Village is a neighborhood for café hoppers as there are many cafes located in Holland Village, ranging from The Monocle Shop, Wala Wala Café Bar to Chinese food Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao, to international burger chain Fatboy’s The Burger Bar. You will definitely be spoilt for choices if you are staying in Holland Village.The famous optical boutique owned by a famous female Singaporean pop singer, Joi Chua – The Eyecare People is also located in Holland Village.

In conclusion, there are so many great neighborhoods for you to choose from. Pick one that you know you will love before you sign the lease agreement. You definitely do not want to pick the wrong neighborhood and end up not loving it, but have no choice to continue staying there because you cannot afford to breach the contract.



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